Host plants

Host plant genera of the British & Irish Agromyzidae

For every species of Agromyzidae recorded from Great Britain and Ireland, all known host plant genera are listed. This includes host plants which are not present in GB&I, however, it was considered appropriate to include these, especially for the glasshouse miners Liriomyza bryoniae, Liriomyza huidobrensis and Liriomyza trifolii.

The host plant genera are listed in alphabetical order, with all known associated Agromyzids listed below, in alphabetical order.

This checklist of the host plant genera of the GB&I Agromyzidae has been compiled from the relevant literature and resources, together with unpublished records from several dipterists, to whom the National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme is extremely grateful. Unfortunately, it is likely that some records within the published literature and online resources will be erroneous, due the difficulty of determining adult Agromyzidae. This is an enhanced version of the original checklist produced in 2018 [which you can download here]; the host genera listed on the website supercedes that checklist and should be referred to instead of the 2018 publication.

New host plant genera and Agromyzidae species new to Great Britain & Ireland are regularly discovered, therefore, this provisional checklist will be updated periodically.

If you know of any errors or required amendments within this checklist, please click on 'Contact us' at the top of the page.

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