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This website is part of the National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme and is designed to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in Agromyzidae, in terms of identifying larval mines and/or adult material.

The site consists of thirteen sections;

Feeding habits : A brief introduction to the feeding habits of Agromyzidae, along with examples of the differing larval feeding methods. A superb detailed article by Graham E. Rotheray on agromyzid larval morphology is also included.

Host plant genera : This section provides a provisional checklist of all known host plant genera for British & Irish Agromyzidae species. For each genus of host plant, all known associated Agromyzidae species are listed.

Great Britain & Ireland species : Classification of Agromyzidae; each subfamily and genus/subgenus can be expanded by clicking the '+'. This will then reveal each species within the genus/subgenus. Each species page, wherever possible, includes the following;


  • Summary : Here, you will find a description of the larval mine [if known], the host plant genus/genera [if known], any confusion species [larval], a [larval] recording grade, a larval* and adult phenology chart [based on records held by the National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme] and a description [if known] of the puparium and adult. * larval phenology is based on all larval stages [tenanted/vacated mine and/or puparium].
  • Distribution : The distribution map is based on records held by the National Agromyzidae Recording Scheme. Each Vice County where a species has been recorded is marked in grey. The map features a zoom in/out option.


  • Images relating to the species [larval, puparium, adult, genitalia] can be found via the 'Media' tab next to 'Overview'. As very little is known for some species, not every species of Agromyzidae will have associated images. Clicking on an image will open a new window which states the species, image licence and creator. To view an image in greater detail, click 'download the original'; this will open the image, full size, in a new window [but does not download the file to your system].

Recording Agromyzidae : This provides guidance for recorders in respect to the recording grades within the website and how to submit records to the scheme.

What's about : Highlighting the top ten species recorded each month, giving recorders an idea of what to look out for throughout the year.

Keys : Provisional keys to adult Agromyzidae will be published here. Keys will be added as and when they are produced.

Parasitoids : An excellent article by Agromyzidae parasitoid expert Professor Sir Charles Godfray. Their biology and taxonomy is discussed and illustrated, along with details on how to record parasitoids.

Newsletter : All newsletters produced by the National Recording Scheme can be found and downloaded here.

Checklist : An up to date checklist of all Agromyzidae species known from Great Britain & Ireland.

Image library : All images [over 1,400] within the site can be found here. A search by taxonomic name is available.

Links / References : Links to useful resources/websites can be found here, along with a document listing selected Agromyzidae publications.

Acknowledgements : Everyone who has contributed to the site can be found here, along with details of the key publications used during the creation of the site.

Glossary : A glossary of terminology used within this website, with many terms being supported by illustrations.

There is a 'Contact us' option at the top of the page for anyone who would like to get in touch. Just enter your name, email, subject and message and your query will be sent to the scheme organiser who will be more than happy to help.

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Warrington, B. P. (2021). Agromyza pseudoreptans. Accessed at http://agromyzidae.myspecies.info/taxonomy/term/56 on 2021-31-01

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